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Promotional Mints and Sweets

Promotional mints and sweets are supplied in a variety of tins and dispensers giving you a true favourite in the promotional sweet market. These business gifts will be welcome in any environment and will carry your logo or campaign message to a large community. Mint cards are the budget end of this market and will give you fantastic value for money while the larger branded tins will be on the office desk for a long time giving your company maximum exposure. The tins themself are too good to throw away and will be kept long after the tasty contents have been eaten. There are many content options with some of our tins - as well as a choice of standard or extra strong mints we also offer chocolates, jelly beans and love hearts.

Click Mint Tins X501122  
Click tins iof mints, chocolates, jelly beans or love hearts
  Click Mint Tins   Barrel Click Tins of Sweets   Flip Top Sweet Tin
Mint Heart Container   Mint Card 501260  

Mint Tin 1661


  Sweet Tin 501100   Tin 501111 with Extra Strong Mints
Large Sweet Tin 501110   Metal Case with Wilhelmina Mints   Metal case 501170 with 100gms of Mints   Mint Tin 501112   Heart shaped tin with heart shaped sweets
Large Heart Shaped Tin of Sweets   Small Glass jars of sweets   Plastic Mint Container 503550   Mint Tube 501270   Plastic Round Mint Dispenser
Mint Maze Cards   DeLuxe Mint Card 501262   Small Square Mint card 501264   House Mint Card   Car Mint Card
T-Shirt Mint Card   Van Shaped Mint Card   Mint Card 5251   Sweet Bags  
Mint Card X501260


The easiest way to order is to give us a call on 01706 346677 or

e.mail us on sales@detailpromotions.co.uk and let us do the rest

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