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Tel/Fax: 01706 346677

All prices shown are subject to carriage and VAT. Carriage is only £9.00 - no matter how large the order.


All of the promotional ballpens below are environmentally friendly in many different ways. Some are made from recycled plastic, polystyrene or Tetra Paks easing the problem of land fill. Others are made from corn starch or recycled newspaper making them totally biodegrable, ensuring that when put into land fills they will soon degrade and leave no permanent trace.

Detail Promotions endeavours to not only supply a fine range of eco friendly promotional pens, but also to market them at very competitive prices.

Please call us on 01706 346677 or e.mail on for free samples or quotation on any of our pens or other business promotional gifts.

Kiki Green Ballpen
  Panther Eco pens  
Green Pen Click Ballpen
Green Square Ballpen
Contour Eco Pens
Ingeo Pens   Bio S pen  
Senator Nature Plus Pens
Tag Gren FT Ballpens
  Alaska Eco Ballpens
Biovege Extra and Grip Ballpens
Biocorn Ballpens
  Kiki Ecoallene Ballpens  
Envirostick Ballpens
Re-Pen Push Ballpen
Re-Pen Stick Ballpen   Algae Retractable Ballpens   Algae Stickpen   Eco Retractable Ballpen  
Eco Stickpen
Biologo Ballpen   Biosense Ballpen   Senator Super-Hit Eco Pens   Bio S Pen  
Marksman Sunrise Push Bio Ballpen
Recycled Paper Pens   Bamboo pen            

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The easiest way to order is to give us a call on 01706 346677 or

e.mail us on and let us do the rest

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